Elevation Window and Door

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Elevation Window and Door

PAUL NOBLE:With just over 18 years of industry experience, Paul Noble has been a top producing salesperson in the window and door industry. He has a reputation for tenaciously protecting his clients’ interest; unmatched by any other salesperson in the Arizona market. Paul is a savvy negotiator when it comes to pricing with vendors and customers. This gives him an edge over the competition and allows him to remain as a leader within the industry. Paul is well-respected within the state of Arizona; respect that stems from his unparalleled sales track record and high ethical standards.PAUL FRENCH:Paul French has over 10 years of industry experience; hands-on, running the day to day operations of a window and door business. In addition, he has shown leadership with a focus on team building. Some of his greatest strengths include organization, management, and contracts. Always striving to become more efficient, Paul consistently looks for areas to refine the processes and implement company standards that must be achieved in order to provide the customer with the highest level experience.

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